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International Angling Championships
in Wolvey
Makins Fisheries

Held on Friday September 14th 2012


Between the 11th and 15th September Great Britain hosted the 11th USIC Angling Championships (USIC is the international sports organisation for railway workers across Europe). USIC organises events in many sports disciplines on a 4 year cycle with the previous Angling Championship taking place in Poland in 2008.

The event involved a practise day and two days of competition. Practise took place on Wednesday 12th September and the second of the two competitions took place at Makin's Fishery, Wolvey on the Friday 14th September.

The Anglers arrived at their pegs at 9am and the competition started at 11am, ending at 3pm. The anglers fished on phase 1, lakes 1, 2, 4 and 5. www.makinsfishery.co.uk

The first competition will took place on the river Avon at Evesham on the Thursday 13th September.

Teams consisting of 6 anglers will compete from GB, France, Italy, Portugal, Luxembourg, Germany, Bulgaria, Russia, Netherlands and Belgium.

Formal opening and closing ceremonies were held at Network Rails training centre at Westwood, Coventry.

The Final Results were as Follows:
Team Event
  1st – France 42 points  
  2nd – Great Britain 45 points  
  3rd – Belgium 59 points  
  4th – Italy 60.5 points  

5th – Portugal

62 points  
  6th – Germany 68 points  
  7th – Netherlands   69 points  
  8th – Russia 73 points  
  9th – Luxembourg 75 points  
  10th – Bulgaria 106.5 points  
  Top three teams on the Avon were France 20 points, GB 23 points, Belgium 33 points
  Top three teams at Makin's were GB 22 points. France 22 points, Italy 25.5 points 

Winning Team France: Laurent Pissotte, Nicolas Boursand, Dominque Moulins, Alain Dorotte, Marc Becht and Jean-marc Garcia
Second, Great Britain: David Dawber, Rob Dawber, Kevin Melville, Terry Lancaster, Alan Wright and Dave Lewis Third, Belgium: Hubert Verschooten, Paul Nicolet, Marc Crabbe, Jean-Luc Respillieux, Marc Bollaert and Luc Janssens

Top Three Individuals Were
  1st Hubert Verschooten (Belgium) 2 points
  2nd David Dawber (Great Britain) 3 points
  3rd Kevin Melville (Great Britain) 3 points

Top three individuals: David Dawber, Hubert Verschooten and Kevin Melville
On the Water
2nd - David Dawber (Great Britain)
1st - Hubert Verschooten (Belgium) 3rd - Kevin Melville  (Great Britain)

For more details Contact:
David Franks
0203 4286 769

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