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A great deal of work has already been done by the group's working parties, ongoing maintenance includes repairing and repainting the fences, reed bed reduction, tree management, grass cutting etc. Clearing and tidying continues inside the reserve.

Repairing & Stabilising the Boardwalk at Wolvey Wetland Reserve

In June 2015, following the 10 month closure of Wolvey Wetland Reserve Wolvey Environmental Group members and friends took on the major task of repairing and stabilising the Boardwalk at the reserve.

Images by kind permission of Pete Hopkins & David Alford.

Stage 1
The Work Begins!!
June 13th 2015, 7,30am - a very wet Saturday morning - Members of Wolvey Environmental Group met with representatives of Millboard (the boardwalk
manufacturer) and Secure-a-field (the suppliers) for a demonstration on how to repair
and stabilise the Boardwalk. Repairs commenced in earnest on Monday 15th June 2015.

Stage 2
Round the Bend!!
 An extra central wooden rail supported at each end by wooden cross members
screwed into the existing posts were fitted along the entire 200m length of the boardwalk.

Stage 3
Back on the Straight and Narrow!!
All existing and replacement treads were individually screwed down to the new
central rails and the old plastic toe rails were replaced with new wooden ones.

Repairing and Stabilising the Boardwalk Extension, Autumn 2015
Following the repairing and stabilising the Boardwalk at the reserve, members of Wolvey Environmental Group repaired and Stabilised the boardwalk Spur.
As well as the extra central wooden support rails anchored at each end by wooden cross
members, extra posts and wooden side rails were required to stabilise the spur.

The Players
Wolvey Environmental Group Members & Friends
Materials and expertise were provided by Secure-a-Field Ltd.
The work as undertaken by members of Wolvey Environmental Group and Friends.
 Thank you to all concerned in helping to make this a very successful project.

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