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Wolvey Environmental Group members are fully committed to managing the Village Environment. Volunteer working parties are  involved with a range of Community Projects including Managing the Square, the Wetland Reserve and preparing the Public Areas for the Best Village Competitions.
Environmental Group Community Projects
Working Parties:
  Planting Bulbs
  Weeding pathways and Gutters
  Managing the Square
  Planters, Tubs & Baskets
  Replacing a Bench
  New Village Notice Board
  Decorating the Christmas tree
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Images by kind permission of Pete Hopkins and Sid Hindmarsh.

Planting Bulbs
on Temple Hill
Planting Bulbs on Temple Hill 2008  Snowdrops on Temple Hill 2009
Environmental Group volunteers planted
bulbs on Temple Hill in the early 2008.
By the spring of 2009 a rift of snowdrops
adorned the woodland on Temple Hill.

Bulbs planting at the Wetland Bulbs planting at Wolvey Baptist Chapel
Bulb planting in the Woodland Walk
at Wolvey Wetland Reserve spring 2010.
Bulb planting on the green outside
Wolvey Baptist Chapel Autumn 2011.

Preparing for the Best Village Competitions:
Gutters are cleared and paths Weeded
Weeding on Bulkington Road  Weeding on Bulkington Road
Paths cleared along Bulkington Road.
Weeding in the Square   Preparing for Weeding and Gutter Clearing
The square also needed clearing. Job well done!! 

Management of Wolvey Square
Weeding in the Square   
Planting and Weeding in Wolvey Square.
Erecting the Large Planter  
Tidying up the flower beds.

Planters, Tubs & Baskets 
The tubs of the large planter are assembled and
populated with a variety of summer bedding.
Hanging baskets go up
in late spring.
Throughout the summer members of the group take
turns watering tubs, planters and hanging baskets.

Replacement Bench installed on Bulkington Road
Volunteers from the Environmental group
replaced the old bench on Bulkington Road.
A new concrete base was needed
to house the replacement bench.
The all plastic bench is bolted
to a new concrete base..
The new bench is thoroughly tested by
dedicated group members Ted and Bob.

Erecting the new Village Notice Board
Erecting the new Village Notice Board Erecting the new Village Notice Board
Members of the Environmental group helped with
the erection of the new Village Notice Board.
Picture Perfect The Finished Notice Board is filled up quickly.
The workers pose for a picture. The New Village Notice Board.

Decorating the Annual Christmas Tree in the Square
Decorating Wolvey's Annual Christmas Tree  Decorating Wolvey's Annual Christmas Tree 
Each year volunteers from the Environmental group
help with the decorating of the Christmas Tree.
Decorating Wolvey's Annual Christmas Tree  The Christmas Tree 2008 - Lit up in the Square. 
Many Baubles and multiple strings of
lights are used to decorate the Tree.
As the Tree seen at the Annual Lights Switch-on
proves - it was all worth it in the end.

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