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Wolvey Environmental Group
at the Shows 2013

In 2013 Wolvey Environmental Group's Display Season started with the Annual Parish Meeting in April, then then in May we were on the road taking the display to the Burbage Common Open Day. In June the group exhibited at Wolvey School Summer Fayre for the first time and there was an open day at the Wolvey Wetland Reserve in July. In September we exhibited together with the WEG's new Bee Group's debut display at Wolvey's Annual Produce and Craft Show and this years' Display Season ended with both displays at Wolvey's Christmas Lights Switch-on in early December. 
Annual Parish Meeting
Burbage Common Open Day
Wolvey School Summer Fayre
Wolvey Wetland Reserve Open Day
Wolvey's Annual Produce and Craft Show
Wolvey's Christmas Lights Switch-on

The main display boards are updated prior the start of
each Display Season (usually in March) and the content
is reviewed regularly throughout the Display Season.

Wolvey Annual Parish Meeting
24th April 2013
Wolvey Village Hall

The Annual Parish Meeting is traditionally the first event of
the display season and gives Wolvey Environmental Group
the opportunity to exhibit the updated display boards for 2013

 Images by kind permission of Pete Hopkins

For 2013 where space permitted
the double sided display was used.

As in 2012 the rear two display panels were utilised,
for 2013 the content was reviewed and updated.

The static display which included several new and
updated photo albums was displayed separately.
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Burbage Common Open Day
12th May 2013
Burbage Common

This year Wolvey Environmental Group exhibited
at the Burbage Country Show for the first time.

Images by kind permission of Pete Hopkins and Roger Wickens.

The display area at the Burbage show is in a very large marquee
split down the middle into two sections which provides four rows
of exhibits... the views above show both left and right hand sections.

It was an early start, arriving before 9.30 to set up the display
for 10am. There were plenty of tables, but the double sided
display proved impracticable so only the main side was on view.

The WEG team take a break
before the show gets busy

Time for last
minute adjustments.

There was plenty of outdoor exhibits for both adults and children
including the Leicestershire Bee society and Aston Alpacas.

The show was a great success with lots
of interest shown in the WEG group's display.
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Wolvey C of E Primary School PTA

Saturday 15th June 2103
Wolvey School

For the first time Wolvey Environmental group
exhibited its display at Wolvey Pre-School's Summer Fayre.
The display was well received with a lot of interest
shown from both the adults and children present.

Images by kind permission of Pete Hopkins

Because of inclement weather most of
the displays were housed indoors.

Jeff from JTS Falcons brought along a selection of owls and falcons.

The birds proved very popular and the handlers mingled with the visitors.
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Wolvey Wetland Open Day
Wolvey Old Cricket Wetland Reserve
6th July 2013

  Open days at the wetland gives visitors the opportunity see
the progress made at the reserve since Wolvey Environmental
Group was formed in 2008.
The reserve has pools, reed beds, grassland, a stream, boardwalks and a bridge leading to a
woodland walk, plus there is a wide range of plants and a
diversity of mammals, birds, insects and amphibians.

Images by kind permission of Pete Hopkins

The main display was housed at the north gate where WEG members
were available for questions and visitors were given an information sheet.

A second display and a children's activity table were cited off the boardwalk extension where there were a host of children based activities plus
information sheets, activity guides, handouts and colouring sheets available. 

Wolvey Youth Group set up a display housing their mosaics where visitors
were invited to add pieces of mosaic to the art work. The four completed
mosaics will be displayed round the plinth in Wolvey Square during 2014.

Explanatory signs were posted to promote the reserve's diversity.
WEG members were present as guides to answer questions and explain
how aspects of the reserve were both environmentally and wildlife friendly.

One popular feature was an insect netting and
identification station set up near the north gate.

   Netted insects were kept in an aquarium for
viewing and identification
and then released.

The reserve's recently acquired Field in Trust status was promoted with a
display of photos etc. highlighting the construction of the Field in Trust Cairn
which houses a plaque and has a time capsule buried beneath it.
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Wolvey Annual Produce
and Craft Show

7th September 2013
Wolvey Playing Fields

 As well as produce and crafts this years produce show included a dog show and a pets & livestock section. As usual items from the produce show were auctioned off at the end of the show.

Images by kind permission of Pete Hopkins.

The Wolvey Environmental Group's display attracted lots of attention.

The warm sunny weather meant the group could utilise the display's
rear panels so that the display could be viewed from both sides.

Wolvey Environmental Group, the WEG's recently formed
Bee Group, Wolvey Parish Council and Wolvey Youth
Group displays were housed in adjacent gazebos.

Wolvey Youth Group, Wolvey Parish Council
and the WEG's Bee Group displays

Wolvey Youth Group's Display. Wolvey Parish Council's Display.

WEG's Bee Group's display.

The produce entries on show in the main marquee.

Red, Yellow and Blue cards indicate 1st, 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

Daniel Lole entertained the crowds with a solo performance on the bagpipes.

The Tog-o-War competition is
always popular with visitors.
As usual an auction of produce
brings the show to an end.
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Wolvey Christmas Lights Switch-on
1st December 2013
Wolvey Square and Village Hall

  The Christmas Tree was again decorated by members of
Wolvey Environmental group and friends. This year the Mayor
of Rugby 'Tony Gillias'
was invited to turn on the lights.
Images by kind permission of Pete Hopkins & David Alford.

10th November 2013, It all started with the delivery and erection of a magnificent Norwegian Spruce in Wolvey Square. This year's tree was the best ever.

Saturday 16th November 2013, members of Wolvey
Environmental Group and friends decorating the tree.

Wolvey Environmental Group's and the Bee Group's displays
were set up in the Village Hall ready for visitors.

Outside a children's round-a-bout was provided
and Bulkington Silver band entertained the crowd.

Keith Orchard chair of Wolvey Parish Council who addressed the crowd with
the Mayor of Rugby Tony Gillias and his wife Jan who switched on the lights.

The lights go on.

Wolvey Parish Councillors: (from L-R) Dee Kenrick, Andrew Dixon, Ruth Buswell, Keith Orchard, John Hardman, Bozena Kuncewicz, Clare Nixon and Clerk to the Council Margaret Cartwright with Mayor of Rugby Tony Gillias and his wife Jan.

Inside the Village Hall, Bulkington Silver Band and Wolvey
Choir entertained the visitors with Christmas Carols.

Visitors to the Village Hall browsed the displays whilst
enjoying Mulled Wine, tea, coffee and mince pies.

Both Wolvey Environmental Group
and their new Bee Group's displays
generated a lot of attention.

The tree in the square by day... ...and by night.
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