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Wolvey Environmental Group
at the Shows 2010

At the start of 2010 it was decided to use the smaller grids for the Environmental Group's display to give the exhibition both flexibility and portability. The display has continued to expand, is updated regularly and is now in two sections,  the main section is group and village based and the other is educationally based which includes handouts, wildlife information guides, colouring sheets etc. to interest the younger visitor.

In 2010 as well as the usual Village events Wolvey Environmental Group were on the road, exhibiting at environmental events at Bishop Itchington and Athersto
Wolvey Annual Parish Meeting 2010
Warwickshire Biodiversity Conference 2010
Wolvey Wetland Open Weekend 2010
Wolvey Annual Produce Show 2010
Warwickshire Environmental Seminar 2010
Wolvey Christmas Lights Switch on 2010

Wolvey Annual Parish Meeting 2010
Wolvey Village Hall

Images by kind permission of Pete Hopkins.

The Annual Parish Meeting is the is first event of the season and an opportunity
for Wolvey Environmental Group to show any updates to its displays.

This display continues to show montages of the group's activities, photographs of village wildlife and plant life plus the awards certificates of Wolvey's achievements for 2009/2010. Final checks are made to the
exhibit which this year includes
a static display of boardwalk
materials, nest boxes etc.

Warwickshire Biodiversity
Conference 2010

Bishop Itchington - Memorial Hall
Wolvey Environmental Group takes the
display on the road to Bishop Itchington

Images by kind permission of Pete Hopkins.

The Wolvey Environmental Group's exhibit is one of many
displays at Warwickshire's annual Biodiversity Conference.

It was an early start to get the
display set up the by 9.30pm.
Delegates study Wolvey Environmental
Group's Display during the lunch break.

 Wolvey Old Cricket Field
Wetland Reserve
Open Weekend 2010

Images by kind permission of Pete Hopkins and Roger Wickens.

Visitors who stopped to view the main display
had the chance to ask questions to group
members on duty at the north gate.

The table top display grids were used at the Open Day to exhibit
A4 artworks plus a mixture of home produced guides and material
provided by BBC Big Breathing Places, Warwickshire Wildlife trust etc.

The advantage of this layout was that both sides of the grids
could be used increasing the size of the display area.
See further images in Wolvey Picture Galleries

Wolvey Annual Produce Show 2010
Wolvey Playing Fields

Images by kind permission of Pete Hopkins.

At this year's Produce Show the Environmental Group's display was housed in
a marquee. This was to accommodate two lap tops which were showing a
'Wolvey from the Air' Video presentation produced by members of the group.
Visitors showed a keen interest in both the group's
large display and the video presentation.

Warwickshire Environmental
Seminar 2010
Atherstone - Memorial Hall
The Environmental Group take the exhibition on the road to Atherstone.

Images by kind permission of Pete Hopkins.

Wolvey Environmental Group's  exhibit included some boardwalk material
which generates a lot of interest with a host of questions from the other delegates.

A smaller compact exhibit was needed this time because of restricted space
and table size.
The hall was packed with delegates viewing a variety of environmental displays.

Wolvey Christmas Lights
Switch-on 2010
Village Hall

Images by kind permission of Pete Hopkins.

At this exhibit the Environmental again uses two lap tops to show the
'Wolvey from the Air' Video presentation produced by members of the group.

To accommodate the two laptops, the smaller
compact display was used for this exhibit.
Visitors again showed a keen interest
in  the group's video presentation.

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