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The Displays 2008 - 2009
In 2008 Wolvey Environmental Group created a small exhibition to inform visitors of the group's activities, interests and achievements. The impressive display contains a myriad of photographs including insects, birds, mammals and plant life spotted in and around the village. It includes before and after pictures of the Wetland plus action shots of work being carried out by the group. The display is always well received with much interest shown. It is a good opportunity for the group members to impact newly gained knowledge to interested visitors and to inform them or our many plans for the future.
2008 Wolvey Annual Produce Show
2008 Wolvey Christmas Lights Switch-on
2009 Wolvey Annual Parish Meeting
2009 Wolvey Summer Festival
2009 Warwickshire Biodiversity Conference
2009 Wolvey Annual Produce Show

The Displays 2008

Wolvey Environmental Group (WEG) Displays Debut at Wolvey Annual Produce show 2008
Wolvey School


Image by kind permission of Pete Hopkins

Produce Show 2008
The Wolvey Annual Produce Show 2008 was first event
where the Environmental Group set up a display.
The exhibit started out with borrowed display boards.

Produce Show 2008 Produce Show 2008 
This display exhibits copies of the signage at the Old Cricket Field Wetland Reserve together with photos of Wolvey Environmental Group's working parties. This display shows montages of the group's activities, with photohs of Wolvey's wildlife and plant life together with this year's Calor Village
of the year award.

Wolvey Christmas Lights
Switch-on 2008

Wolvey Village Hall


Image by kind permission of Pete Hopkins

Christmas Lights Switch-on 2008 
For this display, large display grids were used to accommodate the A3+ Artworks.

Cristmas Lights switch-on 2008  Christmas Lights switch-on 2008 
Final checks are made on
the layout and Artworks.
Display Books, Photo Albums together
with individual photographs are
displayed on the main tables.

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The Displays 2009

During the display's second year, as well as displaying
at village events the Environmental Group was invited
to exhibit at Warwickshire's annual Biodiversity
Conference 2009 held in Wolvey Village hall.

Wolvey Annual Parish Meeting 2009
Wolvey Village Hall

The Wolvey Annual Parish Meeting
was first event of the 2009 season

Image by kind permission of Pete Hopkins

Parish Council AGM 2009 
At this year's Annual Parish Meeting the group set up the display at
the rear of the Village Hall which provided a more compact display.

Wolvey Summer Festival 2009

The Wolvey Environmental Group exhibited displays at both
Wolvey Wetland Reserve and at Wolvey Baptist Chapel.

Images by kind permission of Pete Hopkins, Sid Hindmarsh and Roger Wickens.

Display at Wolvey Wetland Reserve 
Wolvey Festival 2009  Wolvey Festival 09 
Smaller table top display grids were used at the Wolvey Wetland Reserve with
A4 Artworks. Also  a mixture of home produced guides plus material provided by
BBC Big Breathing Places for their Dirty Weekend were displayed on the tables

Wolvey Festival 2009 Diplay at the Wetland 
Final checks are made to the
Artworks and display materials.
The exhibit housed under the Gazebo proved popular especially when
a shower threatens.

Display at Wolvey Baptist Chapel
A3+ Montages greet vistors at Wolvey Baptist Chapel The Display at Wolvey Baptist Chapel
Large Display Grids were utilised at Wolvey Baptist Chapel to
display A3+ Artworks together with a extensive Table Display.

The large table displayed a range of Display Books and Photo
Albums as well as variety of books on Wildlife and Wild Flowers.

Warwickshire Biodiversity Conference 2009 Wolvey Village Hall

Wolvey was proud to host Warwickshire Biodiversity Conference 2009

Images by kind permission of Pete Hopkins

Biodiversity Conference 2009 
Wolvey Environment group joins other exhibiters
at the Warwickshire Biodiversity Conference 2009
held in Wolvey Village Hall.

Biodiversity Conference 2009  Biodiversity Conference 2009 
An advantage of being at the rear of the Village Hall was that visitors could view the display as they waited to be served at the tea bar. One delegate was so impressed that he
took time out from setting up his own
display to photograph Wolvey's Exhibit.

Wolvey Annual Produce Show 2009
Wolvey Playing Fields


Images by kind permission of Sid Hindmarsh

Produce Show 2009  Produce Show 2009 
The team arrived early to erect the
Gazebo and set up the display.
On a beautiful autumn day the Environmental group's exhibit proved a popular source of information.

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