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Wolvey Old Cricket Field
Wetland Nature Reserve

Wonderful Wetlands

The Wolvey Old Cricket Field Wetland Reserve is a habitat type known as rush pasture. Plants characterise this habitat are a purple tussocky grass Molina Caerulea, and rushes like sharp flowered rush Juncus Acutiflorus. Amongst the purple moor grass and rush species, a wide range of plants can be supported. The variety of flowering plants supports a diverse insect fauna including butterflies, dragonflies and damselflies. Foxes and deer regularly find shelter on purple moor grass and rush pasture, while many sites are closely associated with breeding and wintering birds. Rare waders such as redshank, snipe and curlew are all associated with this rush pasture. These birds have long bills and feed on insects in the soil. They need soft damp soils which they can probe their bills into to find insect prey. Purple moor grass and rush pasture are a priority for conservation because on the rich biodiversity that they support, they are susceptible to modification, fragmentation and isolation.

Louise Sutherland
Wetland Project Officer
Warwickshire Wildlife Trust

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