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Wolvey Old Cricket Field Wetland Nature Reserve

Signage Boards:
Since 2008 a variety of Signage has adorned the Wetland Reserve. The original Signage Boards were redesigned and renewed in 2006 New main signs and Noticeboards were installed at both entrances in 2009. Also for 2009 new Information Signs were positioned in and around the woodland walk. Three Pictorial Display Signs with images of the variety of Wildlife, Birds and Wild Flowers that can be seen on the reserve were updated for 2016/17

New Main Signs and Notice Boards
were installed in 2009
New Sign - North Gate  New Sign - South Gate 
New Main Sign and Notice Board at the North Gate  New Main Sign and Notice Board at the South Gate  

New Main Sign(s) at Wolvey Wetland Reserve 
The Main Signs.
Contain text and images to illustrate the diversity of Wolvey Wetland Reserve.

New Notice Boards 
The New Notice Boards
Installed in 2009, they contain Wetland related Notices, Safety &
Warning Signs together with Environmental related Award Certificates.

Pond Hazard Warning Sign:
(Updated for 2016/17)
Pond Hazzard Warning Sign
In 2009, this sign replaced an existing one and was repositioned nearer
to the main Pond. It contains of Warnings of Potential water Hazards.

Existing signs display examples of the
Flora & Fauna found in the reserve:

Visiting Wildlife:
(Update for 2016/17)
Visiting Wildlife to the reserve 
Displays images of Wildlife visitors to the Reserve.

Wetland Wild Flowers:
(Updated for 2016/17)
Wetland Wild Flowers Sign - Wetland Wild Flowers 
Displays images of Native Wild Flowers growing naturally on the reserve.

Birds that visit the Reserve:
(New for 2016/17)
  Trees Along the Brook line 
A guide to the variety of birds that visit the Reserve.

Information Signs installed in 2009

The Log Pile
Wood Pile by the Cattle Bridge
Explains the purpose of a Log Pile as a Wildlife Habitat
with instructions on how to build one. There are a number of
Log Piles in and around the Woodland walk.

The Cattle bridge
THe Cattle Bridge Sign - Cattle Bridge
Explains the origin and purpose of the Old Cattle Bridge.

The Woodland Walk
Sign - Woodland walk To the Woodland Walk
Directs visitors to the entrance to the Woodland Walk.

Remains of the Original Wolvey Bridge
Original Wolvey Bridge Sign - The Original Wolvey Bridge
Denotes the position of the original Wolvey Bridge which once
crossed the brook at this point in the Woodland Walk.

For more images of the Boardwalk click on the links below: 
The Boardwalk
Views of the Boardwalk from South to North and North to South.
Building the Boardwalk
This gives an indication of some of the adverse conditions the group had to overcome during the build:
The Boardwalk Extension
Views of the new Boardwalk Extension

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