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Latest News

Latest News:

Wolvey Environmental Group (WEG) Meetings:
Meetings are normally held on the second Wednesday of each a month at 7.30pm in the Vestry at Wolvey Baptist Chapel.
Next WEG meeting Wednesday 8th May 2019, 7.30pm at Wolvey Baptist Chapel.
!! New Members Welcome !!
Email: ruthbuswell@btinternet.com
Wolvey Environmental Committee (WEC) Meetings:

Meetings are normally held bi-monthly on the second Wednesday of the month at 8.00pm in the Old School Room at Wolvey Baptist Chapel.
Next WEC Meeting Wednesday 12th June 2019 at 8.00pm in the Old School Room at Wolvey Baptist Chapel.
Meetings are open to the Public.

WEC and WEG Meeting Schedule 2019
Latest Projects:

New Bridge at the end of the Woodland Walk - Achieved

New path providing access from the New Woodland Walk Bridge back onto the Boardwalk Spur - Achieved.
Repairs to Fence between Old Woodland Walk and the Meadow - Achieved
Update and install internal Signage at the Wetland - Achieved

Create a Wildflower Meadow inside perimeter fence, top of the Wetland - Ongoing
Rebuild the Existing and possibly build a second Mini Beast Mansion - Ongoing.

For forthcoming and past projects Click Here

Recent Projects

June 2013
Time Capsule installed and Field in Trust Cairn built at the Wetland:
For more information Click here
To view Picture Galleries Click here

Pictures by kind permission of Pete Hopkins. 
May 2013
ECO (Log) Table at the Wetland Completed:
The space under the oak table has been populated with logs to form an ECO habitat for insects and small mammals. The final stage was to stabilise the logs by enclosing them in a suitable wire mesh and was competed in May 2013.
Pictures by kind permission of Pete Hopkins.
Wildlife Sightings etc:

Wolvey Wetland Reserve Bird Log:
A log of species spotted on the reserve between 2008 - 2014 has been compiled by Andrew Dixon Click Here to View or Download

Muntjac Deer seen at Wolvey Wetland Reserve

2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017
Nuthatch nesting at Wolvey Wetland Reserve

January 2013
Snipe, Goldcrest, Redwings plus Tracks in the snow:
Snipe spotted on the bank of the brook in the Woodland Walk, Goldcrest in the Woodland Walk, Redwing on Church Hill, Bulkington Road and Hall Lane. Fox, Rabbit and Squirrel tracks in the snow at the wetland.

December 2012
Snipe and Muntjac Deer:
Snipe in the meadow behind the Woodland Walk and a Muntjac seen in Wolvey Wetland Reserve.

May 2012
Badger Cubs seen playing in Wolvey:

by kind permission of Jean Armson taken on her Mobile Phone.

March 2012
25th -
Water Vole spotted and Photographed in Wolvey:

by kind permission of Dean Eburne (deaneburne@mac.com) of Burbage.

Projects, Past Present and Future:
For previous year's projects & Working Parties
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Village Environmental Projects and Maintenance:

 Take down and Chip Christmas Tree, Jan 2012 - Achieved.
 Wolvey Annual Litter Pick - Saturday, April 2012 - Achieved.

 Environmental display at Burbage Country Show, May 2012 - Achieved.
 Environmental displays as part of Jubilee Celebrations, June 2nd 2012 - Achieved
 Re-install & Plant Hanging Baskets in the Square, June 2012 - Achieved.
 Re-install & Plant  Large Planter in the square, June 2012  - Achieved.

Future Projects

 Create Community Orchard - Possible Future Project

 Wolvey Wetland Reserve Projects and Maintenance:
Construct Post & Rail Fence at the end of Woodland walk - Achieved.
 Construction of ECO (Log Pile) Table -  Achieved.
 Seed/plant Wild Flowers Enlarged Nursery Bed - March/April 2012
- Achieved.
Painting the Perimeter Fence July/Aug 2012 - Ongoing.

 Cut One third of grass on high ground - Oct 2012 - Achieved.
 Reed reduction - Sep/0ct 2012  - Achieved.
Willow Herb reduction and tidy up - Nov 2012 - Achieved.
Clean blue bricks at Wetland for proposed Field in Trust Cairn - Jan 2013 - Achieved.
Install Time Capsule at the wetland in Jubilee Year in late 2012 early 2013 - Achieved. 

Build Cairn for Field in Trust Plaque - late 2012 early 2013 - Achieved.
 Installing Nest Boxes Wolvey Playing Field, May 2013 - Achieved.

 Wetland Open day - July 6th 2013 - Achieved.
Bee group, Bee friendly areas on grasslands 2013/14 - Ongoing.
Reed removal and tidy up - Start, Sat 20th Sept 2014 - Achieved.
Bee group to clear area of pasture inside the North Fence, Sep/Oct 2014 - Achieved.
Bee group plant bulbs just inside the North Fence, Sep/Oct 2014
- Achieved.
Boardwalk Repairs July/Sept 2015 - Achieved.
 Construct Bridge at the end of Woodland Walk, Jan - September 2016 - Achieved.
 Return to Boardwalk Spur via Grass Grid pathway, Jan - December 2016 - Achieved.
 Repairs fence between woodland walk and the meadow - March - April 2017 - Achieved.
Clear excess reed mace from the main Pond - Achieved.
Update internal Signage at the reserve, Feb 2016 - Achieved.

Present Projects

Create a Wildflower Meadow inside the perimeter fence, top of the Wetland - Ongoing.

Future Projects
Rebuild the Existing and possibly build a second Mini Beast Mansion - Ongoing.
 Build a second Mini Beast Mansion - Possible Future project.
 Build a Portable Pond Dipping Platform - Possible Future Project

See also Wetland Projects and Working Parties
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