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New Boardwalk Spur


Grants Awarded for Boardwalk extension

In 2009 Wolvey Environmental group and friends constructed an extension of the boardwalk to the cattle bridge over a small stream. It improved access through the site, so everyone can enjoy the natural environment of the reserve.

In 2009 Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE) and the Warwickshire Rural Community Council (WRCC) announced a grant award of £3762 to Wolvey Parish Council for community benefit under the COMMA fund the Community Aggregates Fund

COMMA, the Community Aggregates Fund, aims to compensate communities affected by quarrying, by supporting community-based projects in their area. ACRE and the Rural Community Action Network (RCAN) are delivering grants on behalf of Defra, funded by the aggregates levy on quarries.

Over 200 applications were submitted this year detailing a huge range of community projects. The successful projects received grants of between £3000 and £20,000 to deliver a wide range of community benefits. A full list of project awards is available on the ACRE website.

As a result of this grant it has been possible for a new extension of the boardwalk to be constructed by volunteers of the Wolvey Environment Group. The extension runs from the original boardwalk to the cattle bridge and improves access to the Woodland Walk.

Wolvey Parish Council acknowledges and thanks Defra, ACRE and the Warwickshire Rural Community Council for their assistance in increasing the benefit of this special place for the whole community

Images by kind permission of Pete Hopkins, Sid Hindmarsh and Roger Wickens.

The new Boardwalk Extension
The new spur joins the existing Boardwalk
to the Cattle Bridge enabling easier
access to the Woodland walk

The Woodland walk
Before the Boardwalk extension was built in the autumn of 2009 access to the woodland walk was limited. Originally it meant a step off the original boardwalk into boggy ground, in the summer months the path was overgrown and in winter the ground was too wet which made the Woodland often inaccessible for visitors.

The completion of the Boardwalk extension and boarding of the old cattle bridge has improved access to the Woodland and members of Wolvey environmental group has also installed a wheelchair friendly path through the woodland walk which has enhanced the experience for everyone.

The Task Ahead
The images below show the the route from the existing boardwalk to the cattle bridge prior to the installation of the boardwalk extension. The enormity of the task can clearly be seen.

Views from the existing boardwalk towards the Cattle Bridge.

The Old Cattle Bridge before its refurbishment. Some excavation was needed.

Originally the ground rose from the bridge before dropping
again to meet the existing boardwalk. This bank needed to
be removed to provide unobstructed access to the bridge

Building the Boardwalk Extension
Below images show Members of Wolvey Environmental
Group and friends constructing the Boardwalk Extension




The Completed Extension
Boardwalk Extension  Boardwalk Extension
View showing the new Boardwalk Spur
taken from the existing Boardwalk.
The New Spur curves gently as you approach the existing Boardwalk from the Cattle Bridge.

Boardwalk Extension  Boardwalk Extension 
The New Spur curves and drops gently
as you near the Cattle Bridge.
View showing the gradual rise from
the Cattle Bridge to level ground

Boardwalk Extension  Boardwalk Extension 
The level of the Cattle Bridge
has been raised and boarded.
The view from the refurbished Cattle
Bridge towards the Existing Boardwalk.

For more images of the Boardwalk click on the links below: 

The Boardwalk
Views of the Boardwalk from South to North and North to South.
Building the Boardwalk
This gives an indication of some of the adverse conditions the group had to overcome during the build:
Signage Boards
Views of new and existing signage

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