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Wolvey Celebrations to mark Queens Elisabeth 2nd Diamond Jubilee

Wolvey's Picnic in the Park
Monday June 4th 2012

Images by kind permission of Pete Hopkins Geoff Lewis,
Derek Powell, David Jones, Matt Shaw and David Alford

The Picnic in the Park

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Pre Parade at the Bulls Head Car Park
A cavalcade of classic and interesting cars were assembled in the Bull’s
Head car park. The Anker Morris Men danced away alongside the vehicles surrounded by a throng of happy flag waving people. The scene was completed by our own Wolvey monarch for the day, Doreen Jones.
Our ‘queen’ was actually born the day after Elizabeth II
and she looked equally regal in her golden crown.
Image01 Image02 Image03 Image04 Image05
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 Image16 Image17 Image18 Image19 Image20

The Parade
Queen Doreen led the the parade to the playing fields chauffeured in a vintage
Triumph sports car.
The procession included Children dressed their King’s
and Queen’s fancy dress outfits and the Brownies, in their uniforms of
the past sixty years. Well-wishers lined the whole route to the Playing Field.
Image21 Image22 Image23 Image24 Image25
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Image31 Image32 Image33  Image34 Image35
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Image51 Image52 Image53 Image54 Image55

Crowds Arrive at the Park
As the procession reached the park, the crowds surpassed all expectations as
around 1000 people converged on Wolvey Playing Fields, setting up picnic
camps, and enjoying the attractions and the only sunshine for days.
Image56 Image57 Image58 Image59 Image60
Image61 Image62 Image63 Image64 Image65
Image66 Image67 Image68 Image69 Image70

The Big Play Event
The BIG Play Event was part of “Sixty Years of a Village at Play” project, funded by Central Warwickshire Villages LEADER Programme. It took place at Picnic in the Park where artists from TheVERYidea collective 
took over an area of the field and offered large supplies of quality recycled materials for children and families to bring to life with their ideas and imagination, plus a ‘beach’ with natural resources.
Image 71 Image72 Image73 Imag74 Image75 Imag76
Image77 Img78 Img79 Image80 Image81 Img82 Img83
Image84 Image85 Image86 Image87 Image88

Children's Fancy Dress Competition
The Children assembled in the Marquee in their Fancy Dress Outfits
where they were judged by Queen, Doreen, prizes were awarded

and all the children received a commemorative medal.
Image89 Image90 Image91 Image92 Image93
Image94 Image95 Imag96Imag97 Img98 Img99 Image100
Image101 Image102 Image103 Img104 Img105 Img106 Img107

Entertainment:- Brownies, Anker Morris Men
and Bulkington Silver Band

In the Marquee, Wolvey Brownies paraded in their uniforms representing
the past sixty years. The Anker Morris Men danced outside and the
Bulkington Silver Band entertained the crowds for over an hour,
Image108 Image109 Image110 Image111 Image112
Image113 Image114 Image115 Image116 Image117

Entertainment:- Fairground Rides,
Stalls and Tug of War.

The afternoon was full of activity, with fairground Rides, face painting,
Henna tattoos, balloons, arts & crafts and a coconut shy.
Image118 Image119 Image120 Image121 Image122
Image123 Image124 Image125 Image126 Image127

The Picnic and People in the Park
Some of the many visitors just relaxed under their gazeboes, ate picnics and enjoyed the summer atmosphere, there was even a very entertaining Clown who kept everyone engaged.
Image128 Image129 Image130 Image131 Image132
Image133 Image134 Image135 Image136 Image137
Image138 Image139 Image140 Image141 Image142
Image143 Image144 Image145 Image146 Image147
Image148 Image149 Image150 Image151 Image152
Image153 Image154 Image155 Image156 Image157

In The Evening
any visitors stayed on for the evening entertainment. This was enhanced from 7 o’clock onwards by live dancing and music featuring local talent. The evening kicked off with a Jitterbug demo, a folk set from Colin Squire, roots and blues from Geoff Veasey and Arnold and finally some pop and rock from every decade of the Queen’s reign from ‘Off the Cuff’. Lighting of the Beacon took place at 10.15; one of thousands that were lit worldwide to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Sixty Years on the Throne.
Image158 Img159   160   Image161 Image162 Image163-164
Image165 Image166 Image167 Image168 Image169

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