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Queens Diamond Jubilee

60 Years of A Village at Play Exhibition
Saturday June 2nd 2012

Images by kind permission of Pete Hopkins and Geoff Lewis

The Exhibition

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Setting Up
The village hall was transformed into an exciting, interactive exhibition
in just a few hours,
as artists and community members installed display
boards, projection screens, hung
exhibits from the rafters, decked
out a gazebo,
laid out table top displays and much more.

Image01/02 Image03 Image04 Img05 Img06 Image07
Image08 Image09 Image10 Image11 Image12

The Exhibits
The exhibits shared the many images, sounds and words from the project work with groups. Old photos, kindly donated by community members, helped to create the ‘BIG Portrait of a Village at Play’ across the sixty years. Creative work, illustrating play interests of community members was also exhibited.
Image13 Image14  Image15 Image16 Image17
 Image18 Image19  Image20 Image021 Image22
Image23 Image24 Image25 Image26 Image27

 Image28  Image29 Image30  Image31  Image32 

Viewing the Exhibits
An intriguing focal point was the Environmental Group’s huge map of the village which visually plotted many memories of play and project finds around Wolvey, as well as sound recordings of play memories by long-time village residents. Wolvey Local History Group brought part of their photographic archive which created massive interest.
 Image33 Image34 Image35  Image36  Image37 
Image38 Image39 Image40 Image41 Image42
Image43 Image44 Image45 Image46 Image47 Image48

The Visitors
Children and adults of all ages chatted , had a go at creating and playing on the many old toys and young people from Jammin’ and Stuff project group (Caitlin, Katie, Amie and Shara) generated much fun with their photo shoot to mark the occasion, where visitors had a Jubilee photo taken.
Image49 Image50 Img51 Img52 Img53 Img54 Image55
Image56 Image57 Image58 Image59 Image60
Image61 Image62 Image63 Image64 Image65

At the Cafe
Visitors stayed a long time, enjoying the social occasion and
and especially the cakes made by Caitlin and her Gran.
Image0066 Image0067 Image0068 Image0069 Image0070
Image71 Image72 Image73 Image74 Image75
Image76 Image77 Image78 Image79 Image80
Image81 Image82 Image83 Image84 Image85

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