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Activity Groups in Wolvey

Wolvey hosts a variety of Clubs, Societies and Activities in various venues within the village.

If your group or activity is not mentioned here and/or you would would like the groups contact details listed below please contact:

Pete Hopkins
Website Administrator
Email: websiteadmin@wolvey.org


Venue Time





Wolvey Village Hall 1st Sun,
7.15 - 8.30pm

Nigel Bower

01455 220227


Art Classes Millennium Building Tue
10.00 - 12 noon
Jenny Burton 01455 220452  

Baby & Toddlers Group

Wolvey Village Hal Term Time Wed

Catherine Goffin


Baptist Chapel

Wolvey Baptist Chapel

Adrian Warwick (Treasurer)

01455 220028


Beavers Wolvey Playing Field Mon 5.45-7pm Charlotte Merchant 01455 882961 wolveyscouts@yahoo.com

Bell Ringers

Wolvey Church Tue 7.30pm
Sun 9.00am

Gerald Trevor

01455 220619


Bingo Wolvey Bowling Club Wed (Oct- Mar)
Lynne Papworth 01455 290779

Bowling Club - Grass

Wolvey Bowling Club April - September

Mr John Hibbert (Secretary)

02476 316626


Bridge Club

Wolvey Village Hal Tue 7.00pm

Tony White

01455 220488



Wolvey Village Hal Mon 5.45-7pm

Nicola Kempson

02476 310865


Craft Wolvey Bowling Club Wed
10 - 12noon
Sheila Podesta 01455 220608
Children's Dance Wolvey Village Hall Fridays, 10am
4pm & 4.30pm
Charlotte Deakin-Jones 07921 004512  

Church Choir

Wolvey Church Sun - Church




Cricket Club

Wolvey Playing Field Thu,Sat,Sun,(seasonal)

Jevon Thorpe

01455 440618


Cubs Wolvey Playing Field Mon 6 - 7.30pm Charlotte Merchant 01455 882961 wolveyscouts@yahoo.com
Dancing Tuition Wolvey Village Hall Thu 7 - 10.pm Harold Taylor 02476 677992 haroldtaylor@live.co.uk
Dog Training Wolvey Village Hall 1st,2nd & 4th Mondays Beryl Rounsley 02476 615743

Environment Group

Wolvey Baptist Chapel 2nd Wed

Ruth Buswell

01455 221324



Wolvey Playing Field Mon 7 - 9pm

Charlotte Merchant

01455 882961


Local History Group

Wolvey Bowling Club 4th Mon
7.30 - 9pm

Esther Clarke

01455 220820


Messy Church Wolvey Village Hall Sun, Monthly
(See website)
Carol Court 01455 220013 gccourt@gmail.com
Monday Club
(gentle Exercise)
Wolvey Village Hal Mon 10 - noon Gee Higham 07973 394011  geehigham51@gmail.com


Wolvey Playing Field Mon 7 - 9pm

Charlotte Merchant

01455 882961


Senior Citizens

Wolvey Village Hal 1st & 3rd Tue 2.30pm

Kath Miller (Leader)

01455 220341


Short Mat Bowls

Wolvey Village Hal Tue 2pm

Dorothy Lloyd

01455 220413


Table Tennis Wolvey Village Hal Wed 7 - 9pm Mick Allsop 07843 266374  
T'ai Chi Wolvey Village Hal Sat & Sun
10 - 12.30pm
Gee Higham 07973 394011 geehigham51@gmail.com

Village Hall Committee

Wolvey Village Hal  

Anthony White (Chairman)
David Lloyd (Treasurer)

01455 220488

01455 220413



Whist Drive

Wolvey Village Hal Fri
7.30 - 9.45pm

Dorothy Lloyd

01455 220413


Women's Institute

Wolvey Village Hal 2nd Thurs,

Heather White

01455 220488

Youth Club Wolvey

Wolvey Village Hal 3rd Mon, 7.15pm

Barbara Jones

01455 220081
07712 915232


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