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Outdoor Exercise Equipment Consultation

The following questionnaire will be in included in Wolvey's Winter Newsletter, please take a few minutes to read it.

 If you do not receive a the questionnaire with the Newsletter you can download or print off a copy: Click here to download 

Consultation Paper - Outdoor Exercise Equipment

Wolvey Parish Council and Wolvey Playing Field Trust are working together to improve facilities at the Wolvey Playing Fields to encourage more people of all ages to make better use of this amazing resource in the heart of the village. We are considering installing some outdoor exercise equipment at the Wolvey Playing Fields and we are keen to know your opinion. We will hopefully purchase this using grant funding available as part of the proposed legacy of the 2012 Olympics.

What is it?

Free to use exercise equipment designed to be permanently installed outdoors, offering similar exercise and work-out opportunities available in a gym or health club. This type of equipment is being increasingly introduced in parks and playing fields in this country and round the world. To see it in use on You Tube visit www.fresh-airfitness.co.uk/fitness-photo-gallery

Who is it for?

The great thing about this equipment is that it is suitable for all ages (above 13 years old) and all abilities. It can be used casually or as the basis for a serious fitness workout. Ideal for keep fit classes, sports clubs or individuals, two or more people can use many of the pieces at the same time so friends can work out together.

Where would it go?

It is proposed to position it near to the children’s play equipment at Wolvey Playing Fields. This will enable parents/carers to use the exercise equipment while their children are using their play area.

Why do we need it?

Nearly all of us could benefit from doing more exercise and there are real risks to our health if we don’t do enough. This equipment is fun and easy to use, it’s free and it would be readily accessible. Sometimes the hardest thing about doing more exercise is getting started. This equipment is meant to make that initial step as easy as possible.

Other benefits of outdoor exercise equipment

* No joining or membership fees

* Indoor gyms can be intimidating

* Outdoor gyms are eco friendly

* You can exercise on your own or with a group

* Exercising outside is fun and stimulating

* Offers variety to other forms of exercise

* Offers a chance to exercise all the major muscle groups

* Acts as a community focal point for social interaction amongst friends and between different age groups

It is really important for us to gauge local interest in outdoor exercise equipment. Please take a few moments to fill in this questionnaire. It can be returned by putting it into the box provided in Wolvey Post Office & Stores, or by email to the Parish Clerk at parishclerk@wolvey.org

Please detach------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. Having some outdoor exercise equipment in our area would be a great idea…

  Strongly agree


  No opinion


  Strongly disagree

  If you disagree with the first statement what are your objections?

If you do not receive a the questionnaire with the Newsletter you can download or print off a copy: Click here to download  

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