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Wolvey Project Group Sessions

'Jammin' and 'Stuff'

'Jammin' and 'Stuff' Session'
23rd February 2012
At Jammin and Stuff, on 23rd February, 19 young people
came together with artists Anna, Barbara and Simon at
the Playing Fields for a jamming and creative session.

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Mapping Small Finds

Wolvey Environmental Group
7th March 2012
and Year 3 Pupils
14th March 2012

Mapping Small Finds. The Environmental Group on 7 March 2012, had fun finding and labelling small things and mapping them with artists Anna and Matt. Then Year 3 pupils responded on 14 March by finding small things in their outdoor area and labelling and mapping them creatively.

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Exploring Objects to Stimulate Discussion

The Over Sixties Club
21st February 2012
Over 60s explored objects to stimulate discussion and memories of play
on 21st February and then on 6 March members explored musical
instruments and made up a song about their play with artists Anna and
Louise. Year 3 pupils thought it was really joyful and extremely cool!

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Finding and exploring Recycled Material

Wolvey Pre-School and Baby and Toddler Group Playing Together at Wolvey School
29th February 2012
Wolvey Pre-School and Baby and Toddler Group on 29th February played
together at Wolvey School in the Pre-Schools outdoor area. Inspired by
stories of play from the Over 60s members, the children explored found
and recycled materials with artists Louise and Barbara.

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Old Fashion Toys, Photo Session, Drawing and Exploring Musical Instruments

Year 3 Pupils at Wolvey School
14th March 2012
On 14 March, Year 3 pupils at Wolvey Primary School played with old-fashioned toys and took photos of their play. They made drawings of their favourite play and, like the Over 60s, explored musical instruments
and played in their Class band with artists Anna and Barbara.

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